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    Dementia, intimacy and sexuality in residential aged care

    2 February 2017

    When it comes to sexuality and intimacy in an aged care setting, how can staff balance residents’ rights with a duty of care? DR CATHERINE COOK and Associate Professor MARK HENRICKSON address a complex and sensitive topic.

  • Opinion: Elder Abuse, a global issue

    9 June 2014

    World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is happening on 15 June. This is a global issue that is not limited to any one gender, religion, cultural, ethnic or income group. During the month of June, Age Concern is running events to raise awareness of elder abuse and neglect.

  • Opinion: Making a Mountain out of … almost nothing

    6 June 2014

    MARTIN TAYLOR, chief executive of New Zealand Aged Care Association, finds very little for aged care in the Government’s “record” health Budget.

  • A long way to go – but on the right track

    23 May 2014

    The recent Careerforce Workforce Development Conference in Wellington addressed pay and training as crucial to aged care’s future, as JUDE BARBACK discovered.

  • Residential aged care not a clear winner in today’s Budget

    15 May 2014

    Although health played a leading role in Budget 2014, funding for residential aged care did not feature prominently among today’s Budget announcements.

  • Feedback sought on rest home audit reports

    6 May 2014

    As the Ministry of Health’s six-month trial of publishing full audit reports for rest homes online draws to a close at the end of May, the Ministry is keen to gauge how the initiative has been received by the public.

  • New dementia framework launched

    6 May 2014

    A new strategic framework for New Zealand’s dementia community was recently launched by Alzheimers New Zealand, replacing and building on the National Dementia Strategy 2010-2015.

September 2016

  • Fiona Alpass informal caregivers

    Recognising the value of informal caregivers

    Massey University’s PROFESSOR FIONA ALPASS reflects on the latest findings from the New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Study, which reveal some of the challenges faced by informal caregivers.

  • Indian Nurses

    Indian nurses as caregivers in New Zealand: “I would not have come”

    NYEMUDZAI ESTHER NGOCHA-CHADEROPA shares the stories of four Indian nurses working as caregivers in New Zealand residential aged care facilities. Their experiences – at times distressing – differ significantly from their expectations of life and work in New Zealand.

May 2016

  • Reducing hospital visits

    Reducing hospital visits

    *INsite provides a sneak peek at research recently published by The University of Auckland showing which interventions are likely to reduce the likelihood of older people requiring hospitalisation. *

September 2015

August 2015

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    The three ‘S’s and the three ‘A’s – ensuring optimum nutrition for residents with dementia

    Recently qualified dietitian Debra Nell completed her master’s thesis on meeting the nutrition and hydration needs of residents in dementia care units. As part of her research, she developed a series of recommendations for facilities catering for these special residents.

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    The older athlete

    JUDE BARBACK looks to the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation for advice on nutrition considerations for the older athlete.

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    Getting to the HART of ageing

    Last year INsite reported on the findings of the Inclusion, Contribution and Connections (ICC) study led by Massey University’s Health and Ageing Research Team (HART). Here, we look at HART’s next steps.

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    Ageing Well the big challenge ahead

    INsite looks at the ambitious task ahead of the Ageing Well National Science Challenge, now underway.

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    Spotlight on... chronic kidney disease

    CARMEL GREGAN-FORD sheds some light on the causes, treatments and management of chronic kidney disease.

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    On the bookshelf... Active Ageing

    BEATRICE HALE reviews Active Ageing, edited by Andrea Principi, Per H. Jensen, Giovanni Lamura (Pub.Policy Press 2014) and finds it has much to offer policy makers and social gerontologists on the under-researched area of voluntary organisations.

  • happy-old-folk2.jpg

    10 red flags of junk science

    We are inundated with messages about how to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle. So how do we sift through all the claims and information to determine what is genuine, sound and useful?

May 2015

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    Spiritual care – is this needed in a rest home?

    Do caregivers understand what spiritual care is and how to meet residents’ spiritual needs as they approach end of life? JUDITH HARDIE discusses her research into spiritual care in New Zealand rest homes.

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    Don’t give up on octogenarians

    NGAIRE KERSE gives an update on the fascinating LiLACS NZ study in which the quality of life for a large group of Māori and non-Māori in their eighties has been monitored and analysed over five years.

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    Dancing with dementia

    JUDE BARBACK looks at a recent dance and dementia project that has had a lasting impact.

  • Baby-boomers.jpg

    Here come the baby boomers

    New research shows that baby boomers want choice and control as they enter old age.

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    Key reports released

    The end of April saw a flurry of reports released, all with relevance to New Zealand’s home and community support services.

March 2015

  • Dementia.jpg

    Highlighting the link between loneliness and dementia

    CAROLINE BARTLE says it’s time to stop talking and start acting on funding a campaign to tackle loneliness in older people – ultimately delaying, or even preventing, the onset of dementia.

  • Falling.jpg

    Fear of falling: friend or foe?

    SHELLEY JONES looks at recent research on actual risk of falling and perceived risk, and the implications for older people.

  • Clown-01.jpg

    Never too old to clown around

    Clown doctors show that sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine. CAMERON TAYLOR, of Clown Doctors New Zealand Charitable Trust, reports.

May 2013