September 2016

  • Water bug 1

    Hawke’s Bay water crisis: lessons learned

    The Hawke’s Bay water crisis unleashed a severe gastro bug that took its toll on the care homes and retirement villages of Havelock North. JUDE BARBACK talks to three facilities about how they coped and lessons learned from the experience. 

  • My generation 2

    Talkin’ ‘bout my generation

    JUDE BARBACK looks at the benefits, challenges, practicalities and limitations of intergenerational activities.

  • Pete burdon

    Adapting to changing media needs

    Media trainer PETE BURDON says retirement village operators and aged care providers must adapt to the changing needs of digital news media.

  • Culture shock

    Easing culture shock: helping new migrant staff get settled

    INsite recently published an article on the importance of migrant workers to New Zealand’s aged care sector. Here, Skilled Migrant Business Advisor LISA BURDES discusses how employers can help new migrant staff settle into work and life in New Zealand, and Canterbury in particular.

  • Malyon House

    Let’s snoop around… Malyon House

    JUDE BARBACK visits Malyon House in Mount Maunganui shortly after the family-owned rest home celebrated its 20th anniversary.

  • Gabby Clezy

    Up close and personal with Gabby Clezy

    TerraNova Homes & Care chief executive Gabby Clezy tells INsite editor JUDE BARBACK that it is time for more collaboration and open communication about the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector. 

  • Falls prevention

    Case study: Falls Prevention Programme

    One aged care provider’s initiative to reduce the number of falls by residents is proving very successful.

August 2016

March 2016

  • Grainne Moss

    Up close and personal with… Gráinne Moss

    JUDE BARBACK chats to Bupa New Zealand managing director Gráinne Moss about her new global role, the NZACA and equal pay.

  • Village manager

    A day in the life of… a village manager

    KYLA HURLEY shares with INsite why she loves her job as village manager of Chatswood Retirement Village – and where she can be found when she’s not at work!

  • Allan Edwards

    Last Word… Alan Edwards

    Exiting chief executive ALAN EDWARDS talks to INsite editor Jude Barback about his time at Metlifecare, his thoughts on New Zealand’s aged care and retirement industries and his plans for the future.

December 2015

  • Simon Wallace

    Sector faces unprecedented challenge

    Simon Wallace is keen to see the Equal Pay case resolved and says if the NZACA is to reach agreement with the union on pay levels for workers, it needs to receive a commitment from the Government that it will meet the extra cost to providers. 

  • Julian Cook

    We are a people business

    Julian Cook says attracting and retaining quality staff is critical to aged care and retirement living.

  • Earl Gasparich

    Using the ORA to our advantage

    Earl Gasparich believes that a solution to the aged care funding crisis exists in the merging of the retirement village and aged care business models.

  • Grainne Moss

    Changing models of care

    Gráinne Moss says the cost pressures related to an ageing society are likely to result in innovative solutions that require a more ‘user-pays’ approach to care options.

September 2015

  • Graham Wilkinson

    Last Word… Graham Wilkinson

    President of the Retirement Villages Association (RVA) Executive Committee GRAHAM WILKINSON looks at what lies ahead for the retirement villages industry.

August 2015

  • graeme-titcombe.jpg

    On the soap box... Graeme Titcombe

    Access chief executive GRAEME TITCOMBE was recently presented with a lifetime achievement award at the 2015 Home and Community Health Association Conference Awards. Here, he discusses the limitations to providing a nationally consistent and effective home support service.

  • Aspen-care.jpg

    Let’s snoop around... Aspen Care

    JUDE BARBACK finds Tauranga’s Aspen Care Rest Home in the middle of exciting changes.

  • last-word-one.jpg

    Last Word... Simon Wallace

    New Zealand Aged Care Association’s new chief executive SIMON WALLACE questions the concept of a ‘TripAdvisor for rest homes’, as discussed in the last issue of INsite.

May 2015

  • T5-Our-aged-care-workforce.jpg

    Our aged care workforce – when will it become a priority?

    A new survey shows that while aged care workers love their job and value the training they receive, low pay levels, high workloads, an ageing workforce and an increasing demand for aged care add up to a concerning picture for the sector. How many more research reports and legal battles will it take for funding and workforce pay levels to be properly addressed? By JUDE BARBACK.

  • T5-Spiritual-care.jpg

    Spiritual care – is this needed in a rest home?

    Do caregivers understand what spiritual care is and how to meet residents’ spiritual needs as they approach end of life? JUDITH HARDIE discusses her research into spiritual care in New Zealand rest homes.

  • T5-Dementia-village.jpg

    Dementia design – the Kiwi way

    The plans for the new dementia village

  • Baby-boomers.jpg

    Here come the baby boomers

    New research shows that baby boomers want choice and control as they enter old age.

  • T5-Simon-Wallace.jpg

    Up close and personal with... Simon Wallace

    JUDE BARBACK meets the new chief executive for the New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA), Simon Wallace.

  • Pohlen-hospital.jpg

    Let’s snoop around... Pohlen Hospital

    JUDE BARBACK returns to her hometown of Matamata to visit Pohlen Hospital.

  • Brien-Cree-02.jpg

    Last Word... Brien Cree

    Radius Care managing director BRIEN CREE is concerned that District Health Boards (DHBs) are not passing on superannuation increases to aged care providers and says it’s time for providers to get their funding directly from the Government, and take DHBs out of the equation.

March 2015

  • test-paper.jpg

    In your expert opinion...

    INsite asks experts in the retirement villages sector about industry trends, business decisions, investor information and legal advice.

  • Breaking-news.jpg

    TerraNova v Bartlett case – both sides speak out

    TERRY BELL of TerraNova Homes & Care and ALASTAIR DUNCAN of the Service & Food Workers Union (SFWU) sit on opposite sides of the TerraNova v Bartlett pay equity case. Yet here, in this rare feature, both appeal for the same thing – an increase in government funding to put an end to the inadequate pay levels of care staff.  

  • Bill-McDonald.jpg

    ‘New kid’ Arvida takes a fresh approach

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Arvida Group chief executive Bill McDonald about the formidable task of getting the retirement and aged care sector’s newest player up and running.

  • Martin-Taylor.jpg

    Up close and personal with... Martin Taylor

    JUDE BARBACK interviews exiting chief executive Martin Taylor about his 10 years at the helm of the New Zealand Aged Care Association.

  • Guy-Eady.jpg

    A good place to Be

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Guy Eady about life after Oceania and the rise of his new venture, the BeGroup.

  • Acacia-Cove-residents.jpg

    Let’s snoop around... Acacia Cove

    JUDE BARBACK finds a cheeky bunch of residents on her visit to Acacia Cove retirement village.

December 2014

  • Todd-Perkinson.jpg

    Up close and personal with ... Todd Perkinson

    Jude Barback asks TODD PERKINSON, New Zealand-based chief executive officer of RDNS, about running a trans-Tasman organisation and the challenging funding environment of the home-based support services sector.

June 2014

March 2014

  • On the soapbox … JON AMESBURY

    JON AMESBURY is passionate about placing the community at the heart of residential aged care facilities. Here he shares his thoughts, ideas, and initiatives that are proving successful.

  • Norah Barlow & Julian Cook

    INsite asks incoming and outgoing Summerset chief executives their thoughts...

January 2014

  • On the soap box ...

    Union leader MARIANNE BISHOP responds to the feature article on the state of the aged care sector ‘Something’s got to give’ that appeared in the last edition of INsite.

  • Last Word ... Peter Bruce

    Peter Bruce’s response to John Collyns on LTO & ORA justification published in Oct-Nov 2013 edition of INsite, which can be found online at

November 2013

  • Something’s got to give

    With confirmation of poor care delivery in one corner of the sector and allegations of discriminatory pay levels in another, the public cries for more transparency and fairer pay in aged care are getting louder. Change feels imminent, but what shape will it take? By JUDE BARBACK.

  • On the Soap box ... Laurie Hilsgen

    Will family carers start saying “no” to providing “natural support”? asks LAURIE HILSGEN, CEO and co-founder of Carers NZ.

  • Spotlight on... C difficile

    Epidemics of Clostridium difficile have had devastating effects in the northern hemisphere, and now this “hospital superbug” has made its way to New Zealand, with new, highly virulent strains wreaking havoc in hospitals and aged care facilities.

September 2013

July 2013

  • A typical day in the life of … Annie Schenkel

    Annie Schenkel shares what she finds rewarding, inspiring, and challenging about being facility manager of Oakland Lifecare in Tauranga.

  • On the soap box... Ray Lind

    RAY LIND, chief executive of Careerforce, voices his opinions on the need to implement integrated care and unleash the potential of the “unregulated” health workforce.

  • Last word... Peter Mathyssen

    PETER MATHYSSEN, owner and manager of Glenbrook Rest Home, gives his views on the interRAI debate between Victoria Brown and Martin Taylor, featured in the last issue of INsite.

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