September 2016

  • Fiona Alpass informal caregivers

    Recognising the value of informal caregivers

    Massey University’s PROFESSOR FIONA ALPASS reflects on the latest findings from the New Zealand Health, Work and Retirement Study, which reveal some of the challenges faced by informal caregivers.

  • Brien Cree

    On the soapbox… Brien Cree

    Why aren’t the elderly afforded the same rights and privileges as the young? BRIEN CREE, managing director of Radius Care, can’t understand why the Birthcare model can’t be adapted for aged care to allow add-on services.

  • Falls prevention 2

    Upcoming new programme to reduce risk of falls

    ACC’s GILL HALL discusses a new programme to support initiatives aimed at reducing falls for older New Zealanders.

  • Paul Rea

    Last Word… Paul Rea

    New Zealand Seniors Party chair PAUL REA says it’s time for New Zealand to rethink its current pension scheme to deliver a fair deal for older Kiwis.

December 2015

August 2015

  • graeme-titcombe.jpg

    On the soap box... Graeme Titcombe

    Access chief executive GRAEME TITCOMBE was recently presented with a lifetime achievement award at the 2015 Home and Community Health Association Conference Awards. Here, he discusses the limitations to providing a nationally consistent and effective home support service.

May 2015

  • T5-Our-aged-care-workforce.jpg

    Our aged care workforce – when will it become a priority?

    A new survey shows that while aged care workers love their job and value the training they receive, low pay levels, high workloads, an ageing workforce and an increasing demand for aged care add up to a concerning picture for the sector. How many more research reports and legal battles will it take for funding and workforce pay levels to be properly addressed? By JUDE BARBACK.

  • Brien-Cree-02.jpg

    Last Word... Brien Cree

    Radius Care managing director BRIEN CREE is concerned that District Health Boards (DHBs) are not passing on superannuation increases to aged care providers and says it’s time for providers to get their funding directly from the Government, and take DHBs out of the equation.

March 2015

  • Breaking-news.jpg

    TerraNova v Bartlett case – both sides speak out

    TERRY BELL of TerraNova Homes & Care and ALASTAIR DUNCAN of the Service & Food Workers Union (SFWU) sit on opposite sides of the TerraNova v Bartlett pay equity case. Yet here, in this rare feature, both appeal for the same thing – an increase in government funding to put an end to the inadequate pay levels of care staff.