September 2016

August 2016

  • Active ageing

    Active ageing

    JUDE BARBACK looks at why active ageing is more than just keeping physically fit and why it is so important.

  • Big issues

    Tackling the big issues in aged care

    INsite looks at the increasing number of older obese people and whether our aged care facilities are equipped to provide the care they need. 

  • Spotlight on

    Spotlight on… depression in our later years

    Chief executive of New Zealand’s Mental Health Foundation SHAUN ROBINSON discusses why depression in older people needs to be taken seriously.

May 2016

  • Spotlight on Aphasia

    Spotlight on... Aphasia

    EMMA CASTLE shares the realities of being unable to fully communicate due to the onset of aphasia.

  • Leanne MacDonald

    Up close and personal with… Leanne MacDonald

    In recognition of International Nurses Day on 12 May 2016, LEANNE MACDONALD, care services manager at Metlifecare’s Pinesong retirement village, shares her thoughts on the challenges and the future of elder care nursing. 

September 2015

  • Wound champions

    Wound champions

    As a clinical nurse specialist in wound care for the Southern District Health Board, MANDY PAGAN provides a consultation role in residential aged care (RAC) facilities in Southland. To complete her clinical masters, she conducted a systematic review investigating wound programmes in RAC facilities. Here is an overview and summary of this review.

  • Sexual health

    Spotlight on... sexual health: over the hill or still rock ‘n’ rollin’?

    Dr CATHERINE COOK discusses intimacy, sexuality and sexual health in retirement and aged care.

August 2015

  • rai-one.jpg

    InterRAI: the tight and tiring race to meet mandatory deadline

    On 1 July, after a somewhat hurried and harried introduction, interRAI became the mandatory clinical assessment tool for nurses to use in residential aged care facilities nationwide. FIONA CASSIE caught up with some nursing leaders as facilities headed down the home straight in a race to meet the deadline to train nurses in an already time and resource-stretched sector.

  • Dinner-time.jpg

    Texture modified diets part of the care

    Registered dietitian LIZ BEAGLEHOLE of Canterbury Dietitians says facilities need to plan ahead to ensure they get the texture of the food right for each resident, while also meeting their nutritional needs.

  • karen-kingham.jpg

    The power of protein

    Is the aged population getting enough protein? KAREN KINGHAM discusses the need for protein in an older person’s diet.

  • polypharmacy.jpg

    The dangers of polypharmacy

    CAROLINE BARTLE and HELEN BEHRENS discuss the risks associated with inappropriate polypharmacy, particularly for older people with dementia.

  • bill-veth.jpg

    Bill’s story dialysis at home

    Bill Veth tells JOHN ALLIN that living with kidney disease needn’t restrict his life, thanks to his dialysis home support team.

  • kidney-disease.jpg

    Spotlight on... chronic kidney disease

    CARMEL GREGAN-FORD sheds some light on the causes, treatments and management of chronic kidney disease.

May 2015

  • Palliative-care.jpg

    ’You only get to die once’ – palliative care gets an overhaul

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Dr Kate Grundy, chair of the South Island Alliance Palliative Care Workstream about why a ’whole of sector’ approach is needed for palliative care.

  • Oral-health.jpg

    Spotlight on... oral health in older people

    Research shows a strong correlation between poor oral health and general health, yet the Government refuses to see this as a funding priority for older people in residential care. JUDE BARBACK looks at where responsibility lies and what aged care facilities should be doing to maintain their residents’ oral health.

  • Pohlen-hospital.jpg

    Let’s snoop around... Pohlen Hospital

    JUDE BARBACK returns to her hometown of Matamata to visit Pohlen Hospital.

  • Claire-Roskruge-02.jpg

    Typical day in the life of... Claire Roskruge, RN

    Christchurch-based registered nurse CLAIRE ROSKRUGE is a participant in the Christchurch DHB’s Gerontology Acceleration Programme and is involved in a restorative care pilot for older people within the acute service. INsite asks Claire about her journey into nursing and what she loves about her job.

March 2015

  • Falling.jpg

    Fear of falling: friend or foe?

    SHELLEY JONES looks at recent research on actual risk of falling and perceived risk, and the implications for older people.

  • Clown-01.jpg

    Never too old to clown around

    Clown doctors show that sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine. CAMERON TAYLOR, of Clown Doctors New Zealand Charitable Trust, reports.

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July 2013

  • Spotlight on ... Arthritis

    In this issue we cast the spotlight on arthritis, a common condition affecting hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders. DARRYL WARD discusses the common types of arthritis, how to cope with it, and where to turn for support.

May 2013

  • A typical day in the life of … Jo Wallace

    Jo Wallace shares what she finds rewarding, inspiring and challenging about being the sole RN at Matamata’s Rawhiti Lodge Care.

  • D: the miracle vitamin

    With Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) reporting reductions in claims as a result of falls since its Vitamin D in residential care programme was rolled out, it is now looking to expand the programme to older people in the wider community.

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